Warehousing And More

Storing, packing and dispatching goods: In Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, Parcel Adroit Delivery takes care of entire warehousing operations for companies. Value-added services such as the inspection of incoming-goods and quality control, picking, repacking and labeling are provided in accordance with the needs of customers – and also subsequent services such as the complete returns management. All warehouses are directly connected to the Parcel Adroit Delivery network. Parcel Adroit Delivery manages goods and information flows using its efficient IT system. Companies’ Enterprise Resource Planning systems can on request be linked to the Parcel Adroit Delivery system. This way, consignors can keep track of their stock at all times.

Freight Logistics

In Belgium and the Netherlands, Parcel Adroit Delivery has separate freight distribution networks. Freight shipments generally reach their destinations within the standard delivery time of 24 hours throughout the Benelux region – real-time tracking included. Parcel Adroit Delivery also transports freight in Italy.

Individual Solutions

In addition to standardized and system-controlled transport services, Parcel Adroit Delivery offers solutions for goods that because of their size, weight or urgency require special handling. This includes direct delivery with personal supervision starting at the sender’s location and continuing right up to the point of delivery, same-day delivery, and full-load transportation. In some countries Parcel Adroit Delivery covers a wide range of services.